US Muslims Deplore Garland Shooting

SHAFAQNA – Expressing shock over Garland shooting, American Muslim leaders have vigorously defended anti-Muslim advocate Pamela Geller to draw whatever she wants, asserting that the community has distances itself from Texas ‘Draw Mohammed’ hate event.

“We cannot fight free speech as ugly as it is sometimes with violence against people. Never justifiable. #garlandshooting #texasattack,” Linda Sarsour, the national advocacy director of the National Network for Arab American Communities, tweeted.

“People have the right to be racists & bigots. I have the right to call them racists & bigots. It ends there. #garlandshooting #texasattack,” she added.

Texas police shot dead two gunmen who reportedly opened fire on Sunday night outside an event organized by an anti-Islamic group to exhibit drawings of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

Sunday’s attack took place at about 7 pm in a parking lot of the Curtis Culwell Center, an indoor arena in Garland, northeast of Dallas.

“The first suspect was shot immediately,” Garland Mayor Douglas Athas tells CNN.

“The second suspect was wounded and reached for his backpack. He was shot again.”

The event was organized by anti-Muslim advocate Pam Geller, who has been denounced by both the Anti-Defamation league and the Southern Poverty Law Center for her anti-Muslim hate.

In a bid to offend Muslims, she even offered $10,000 for people to draw despicable cartoons of Prophet Muhammad.

Geert Wilders, a polarizing Dutch politician and anti-Islamic campaigner, was among the speakers at the event.

Shortly after the shooting, a prominent Muslim leader in Dallas tweeted that the incident was “just what we didn’t want.”

“The community stayed away from event,” wrote Imam Zia Sheikh. “Seems like a lone wolf type of attack. Just what we didn’t want.”

Mixed Reactions

Geller is known for her anti-Islam bus campaigns that were launched in several American states, amid widespread outrage.

Despite Muslim condemnations, hate calls spread swiftly on the social media, with some calling for burning mosques in America.

“Time to close or burn all #mosques in America. Deport all #Muslims,” a user called Tommy tweeted.

Sarsour, the US Muslim civil rights advocate, called for putting an end to this hate.

“Don’t allow this hate. Stand tall stand together and #TakeOnHate. Stay united. Scary as hell. #TexasAttack,” she tweeted.

“Talking about burning down mosques is cool it seems. Wonder if people would feel same if about other religious homes,” she added.

Other Americans, however, blame Geller for spreading hate in the first place.

“If you wanna hold an art show with art depicting Muhammad, go for it. It’s your right. But be ready when this shit happens. #PamGeller,” Zach Hamm tweeted.

Another, Glenn Greenwald, added: “Two of the key speakers/organizers of the “Draw Mohammed” event in Texas are Pam Geller and Geert Wilders.”

Geller, who has bragged online that she uses a Qur’an as a doorstop, was the subject of a CAIR “Islamophobe profile” documenting the individuals and organizations involved in spreading anti-Muslim bias in the United States.

CAIR also listed her as a member of the “inner core” of those promoting anti-Muslim bigotry.

Geller is known for her anti-Islam bus campaigns that were launched in several American states, amid widespread outrage.

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