Why useless talk is not recommended?

SHAFAQNA – Sulaiman bin Jaafar Al-Jaafari said: I heard Imam Musa ibn Jaafar (AS) who said: Amiral Momeneen Ali ibn Abitaleb (AS) was passing by a place when he heard a man talking useless words. Imam Ali (AS) stopped next to that man and said: You are dictating words to your two guardian angels who will take these words to your God; therefore, say word which are useful to you, and avoid useless talk [1]. Any words which come out of the mouth of a person are written down. These words may be harmful to the person later on. So, it is important that a person is aware of what he/she is saying.

[1] Al-Amaali, Sheikh Sadooq (RA), Page 85.

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