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Video: Iraq failure to preserve archaeological treasures

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SHAFAQNA- City of Samara has some of Iraq’s most significant historical sites, but residents say they are being neglected. For 12 centuries the spiral minaret of the Great Mosque at Samara has survived storms and wars. But perhaps its greatest danger is from neglect.

The Iraqi city of Samara has some of the country’s most significant archaeological discoveries.

Samara lies on both sides of the River Tigris north of Baghdad. It marks the site of a powerful Islamic capital that ruled over the Abbasid Empire which stretched from Tunisia to Central Asia for a century.

It is estimated that 80 percent of it still lies undiscovered.

UNESCO says it should be protected as a World Heritage Site. UNESCO says it should be protected as a World Heritage Site, but those living there say some landmarks are being left to crumble.


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