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Voices from Yemen – “Saudis were tricked into trying to domesticate Yemeni tigers” says geopolitical analyst

SHAFAQNA – In my opinion, Saudis were tricked into trying to domesticate Yemeni tigers, stepping unknowingly into the quagmire on war.
Saudis don’t have constitutions or foundations on which to develop military prowess, nor do they have a clear strategy and policy to be able to achieve military success, which is bad news not only for Yemen but for the future of Saudi Arabia and its people. In Saudi Arabia, only the kings have the right to decide a course of action. The decision to go to war has lead them to a situation where Saudi is starting to suffer economically, and many people in the world have lost respect for the Saudi nation.

The Yemeni nation may not be as rich as Saudi Arabia, but Yemenis are generous with their own souls.  For example, because of Saudis blockade, Yemeni are helping each other – forgotten by the world, the Yemeni poor still benefit from huge domestic donations.  Yes, we suffer, but Yemen will never die of famine. Yemenis can clearly see the way forward – they want to appeal to the world for justice – their case is undeniable.  The call of Yemenis for self-determination and justice is deafening.

Take the example of the ways of war.  Saudi Arabia depends on purchasing the most expensive weapons and munitions from the West, which they rain down on Yemeni people and institutions, day after day.  Their army does not have sufficient courage to fight in Yemen – instead Saudi Arabia has to rely on foreign paid mercenaries.  But Yemenis are proud of fighting the war with their own hands, and their own missiles. Yemen’s missile brand is a scud missile that was developed by expert Yemeni hands. The length is 12,5 meters, the diameter is 88 cm and the missile war-forehead is carrying ,05 ton, the whole weight is 8 tons, the maximum range is about 700-800 kilometers. It is supported by technical guides that can be used from anti-military bases or from the sea.  There is a vast difference in the power of weapons, yet Saudi Arabian leaders know they will never win this war.

The Yemeni nation understand the Saudis very well. Yemenis have abilities to implement all kinds of counter attacks against Saudi aggression and their international supporters. All the Yemeni people, political leaders to simple citizens, children, women, the disabled, know and understand the Saudis’ hidden goals and motives in this war. Saudis don’t have to worry about money because they are rich, but they still think their money can achieve anything. Their secret plan is to destroy Yemeni military and security training academies and their educational and development centers. They want to get rid of all Yemeni’s science faculties in their universities and replace them with religious institutions to teach radical ideological notions. Saudis want to build new generations who will welcome Saudi’s policies, leaving them dependent and tied to their Saudi masters. The Saudis don’t like free-minded youths who study modern sciences. They are afraid of developing military might in Saudi Arabia in case the army turns on its own people.

Saudi investment in Yemen has been wasted since 1960. They spent money developing religious institutions that Yemenis didn’t want, and now those institutions have been erased. Please, Saudis don’t listen to others because Yemen knows that you are using your last card, that of economic might.  If you carry on with this war, one day, that economic might could disappear.

Saudis shouldn’t be so keen on showing off their power in Yemen because Yemenis know all about them and they are able to respond effectively. Saudis are losing the war in Yemen in two ways. They believe in a phantom victory instead of looking at the facts on the ground; Saudis should read and understand Yemeni history. Now Yemeni solders are fighting on Najran and Asser, deep into the Saudi’s front lines. Saudis – please don’t listen to fake intelligence and untrue analysis or your manipulative press communicators.  There have been enough lies. Yemenis are the brothers and sisters of Saudis families, they want to cement relations with you, but this war has made a wide gap in neighbourly relations.

Saudis – look at the social medias to learn the facts of how this Yemeni nation is responding to your war. You should watch Yemeni referendum demonstration that was held on 70 square in Sanaa on 20th August in 2016.  Millions of Yemeni people took part in a demonstration to say, we want autonomy, we want peace, and we do not want Saudi Arabia’s solutions to our problems. Surely your leaders should have strategic intelligence to gather this critical information. Your officers should listen to international organisations who describe many war crimes conducted by Saudis jets.  That is no way to conduct war, especially on a neighbour that wants peace.

It is so important to know your enemy as well as you know yourself. Don’t believe your foreign advisers who sit in Saudis hotels and do not come to Yemen to see how things are for themselves.  Your advisers, especially those from the West, are looking after their own interests; they have tricked you and are more dangerous than the Yemenis who meet you on the battlefield.

According to the Yemeni Constitution and Yemeni defense law, the Yemeni military is responsible for protecting Yemeni nationals and Yemeni sovereignty from any kinds of aggression, and the people owe their loyalty to Yemeni leaders and not Saudis. Yemeni officers and soldiers swear to sacrifice themselves for Yemeni land. Saudi has imposed a blockade since on March 26,2015 via air, land and sea. Saudis claim that Iran supported Yemeni with weapons whilst Yemen is under siege, but that is not true. Yemeni believe in justice and peace, but they have the right to self-defense. Yemenis are looking for peace and they abhor this war against Yemeni innocents. They will never allow the land of Yemen to disappear, even if you hire all the powers in the world to support you.

Finally, the glorious victory that Yemenis believe in must include humanity, trust, peace, security, happiness, justice, equality and prosperity for all Yemeni people wherever they are. We will not win unless we respect those human standards. There is space for all humanity to live on this earth. Yemeni believe Saudis must learn to understand the international laws of human rights. It should stop this illegal war against Yemeni that is destroying the lives of so many innocents, and that will ensure that Saudis can have dignity and enjoy good relations with their neighbour, Yemen. Yemenis have clear strategy and modern policy that was built by the Yemeni nation.  This has been destroyed as Saudis destroy homes and infrastructure. There are now so many widows, refugees, orphans and injured persons.  Where are Saudis preachers?  Why don’t you see that causing this suffering is ungodly?

People say, “honesty is a very expensive gift, so don’t expected it from cheap people”.  But we Yemenis cannot give up on our hope for a peaceful world.  It is the Saudi royals who built the Saudi-led coalition. They don’t seem to understand the meaning of honesty, faith, freedom or humanity.

By Mohammed Humran – a Yemen-based geopolitical analyst, exclusively for Shafaqna

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