Wahhabi clerics use examples of companion Khalid to promote ISIS recruitment murder and rape


The murderous and inhuman ideology of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban and Deobandi ASWJ emanates from the early Islamic era, not only the Kharijites but also certain other persons.

Unfortunately in the history of Islam “heroes” in the early Islamic history have never been subjected to objective evaluation.

Here’s one such example of the character of Khalid Bin Waleed by none else than a Salafi Wahhabi cleric who is describing how Khalid killed a sahabi, Malik Ibn Nuwayrah Sick inducing though it is, it gives a really good insight into the Wahhabi and Deobandi takfiri mindset and the whole ISIS ideology.

Layla bint al-Minhal was also a Sahabia of Muhammad Pubhp. Layla was the daughter of Al Minhal and was later also known as Umm Tamim. She was highly praised as one of the most beautiful girls in Arabia, for her gorgeous eyes.

The very claim that he told Caliph Omar that he waited for Idah is nonsense, as if Caliph Omar waited for at least three menstrual cycles before asking.

Tabari says that she failed to observe iddah, why? Tabari says he slept with her the same night.

Abu Qatada Ansari was a companion of Muhammad. He came with Khalid from Medina. He was so shocked at Malik’s murder by Khalid that he immediately returned to Medina, and told Caliph Abu Bakr that he would not serve under a commander who had killed a Muslim. Caliph Abu bakr defended Khalid against Caliph Omar. Tensions grew between khalid and Caliph Abu Bakr’s adviser, umar. So when Caliph Omar became caliph first thing he did was replacing khalid by Abu Ubaidah, one of Caliph Omar’s trusted friends.

This is where rape was legalized. Khalid bin Waleed was never punished for it.

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