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War crimes – Saudi Arabia makes a parody of international law

SHAFAQNA – If bombing, maiming, destroying and starving were not enough, Saudi Arabia has now added legal parodying to its ever-extending list of abominations, uncovering yet another perversion to its pallet.

Unabashed by its abysmal human rights records and defiant promotion of terror through its patronage of Wahhabism, the kingdom has now claimed its actions in Yemen stand resolutely within the rule of law, and that its coalition has in fact refrained from targeting civilians.

This of course flies in the face of every statements, and testimonies which have originated from Yemen since March 25, 2015. And while one can understand that wars will be messy, and that of course innocent lives will be caught in the cross-fire, there is much to say about the engineered annihilation of a nation civil infrastructures.

For well over 10 months Yemen has burnt, cracked, tumbled, stumbled, imploded, exploded and collapsed under the pressure of war, resigned to the blind hatred and destructive rage Riyadh has unleashed on a people on account of its resistance.

Yemen is paying dearly for its rebellion against Saudi Arabia’s theocratic imperialism – a symbol of resistance and resilience, this poorest nation of southern Arabia towers an unbending giant over Oil mighty al-Saud – the bloodline before which most world leaders kneel.

And though suffering has become Yemen’s daily companion, courage speaks louder still over this nation broken landscape.

If Palestine teaches life, Yemen teaches dignity sir!

In a world system where dignity, honesty and honour are tradable commodities – or as politicians may argue: liabilities, Yemen stands the odd one out, a thorn in the thigh of imperial corporate globalists.

A tyrant powered by dizzying wealth and powerful friendships, the kingdom is now making a parody of international law, positioning itself as THE ultimate authority – both the judge and the jury.

Days after a panel of UN experts issued a scathing report against Riyadh over its overt targeting of civilians and criminal methods of war, al-Saud came back with an offer at self-legislation …. Dystopian hardly begins to cut it!

“The Arab coalition announces the formation of a high-level independent committee … to evaluate the events, identification and targeting mechanisms and developing them,” the Saudi mission’s statement to the UN read.

What Saudi Arabia is in fact offering is to whitewash its own crimes through the exploitation of its UN connections and financial clout. What Saudi Arabia would have you, the public believe is that the burden of guilt lies not with its officials or its brutal regime but on the victims of its military campaign.

How could Yemen have imagined it could rise against the will of the House of Saud and suffer not smiting? Unfettered, Saudi Arabia’s imperialism has become a weapon of mass destruction and mass-destabilization in the region. Worse still, the kingdom is vying for control over all international state institutions, and few officials have had the courage to speak up!

Over 6000 people have died since March 2015 under Riyadh’s military campaign against Yemen – this is the official figure the UN is comfortable with … the Yemeni Resistance has another figure altogether, one which is more likely to be rooted in reality and not political posing.

According to sources on the ground, such as the Mona Relief Organization (an independent NGO) which has shunned UN backing and Saudi infiltration to better remain outside Riyadh’s humanitarian sphere of influence) there have been over 10,000 deaths and about the same number of casualties.

Yemen today stands in rubbles – orphaned, scarred, institutionally crippled and still the

World allows for Saudi Arabia to control the narrative; still the UN is offering cover for those criminals of war, who have sentenced Yemen to a thousand tortures.

Shame on you!

Shame on you for not recognizing that Yemen only ever ambitioned for political emancipation – shame on all of us to imagine we could dictate people’s political and institutional future because we somehow believe we own an absolute “democratic” truth.

Western powers I am looking at you! What makes your truth and your system so saintly that you have to impose it by the blade?

Yemen’s future will be decided by its people …. Anything else will only lead to further Resistance.

By Catherine Shakdam for the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies



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