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Watch activities of richest ISIS terrorist outfit in Kashmir

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

If reports indicating that the ISIS is the richest terror group in the world are correct the ISIS can pose a major threat to peace in areas that the terrorists wanted to target.What seems to have made the ISIS the wealthiest terror outfit is its ability to capture oil fields in Iraq and Syria which has allowed the terror group to amass huge wealth.And on the strength of huge financial support the ISIS could purchase sophisticated and deadly weapons,including long range guns and fighter aircrafts.Once the terror group continued “illegal” sale of oil it could even go in for latest gadgets required for fighting wars against the opponents.Reports said that the ISIS has fast become one of the world’s wealthiest terror groups, generating tens of millions of dollars a month from black market oil sales, ransoms and extortion.It earns $1 million a day alone by selling crude oil from fields captured when the group swept across Iraq and Syria earlier this year.Because the group, also known as ISIS, or ISIL, has “amassed wealth at an unprecedented pace” from different sources than most terror groups, it presents a particular challenge to the US working to choke off money flows. Washington,which is engaged in choking the channels of funds to the ISIS,does accept that it has no silver bullet, no secret weapon to empty ISIL’s coffers overnight. This will be a sustained fight which is in its early stage.Since ISIS is the most wealthy terror outfit it does not bank on funds from deep pocketed rich donors from the Gulf countries or from state sponsors. Yet “with the important exception of some state-sponsored terrorist organisations, ISIL is probably the best-funded terrorist organization that confronts the US. Oil sales alone from captured refineries are allowing the militants to produce some 50,000 barrels a day sold “at substantially discounted prices to a variety of middlemen, including from Turkey,” who then resell it.Oil has also been sold to Kurds in Iraq.And Washington is trying to identify the middlemen who are involved in the smuggling and sale of the oil from captured refineries.

There are fears not only among the developed nations but among the developing countries because once the ISIS outfit succeeded in increasing its wealth it could raise several battalions of Army or what may be called terrorists who could be given arms training and training in manufacturing explosives,grenades and bombs which the terrorists could hit pickets and installations of the Armed forces in various countries.In fact the US alone may not be in a position to tackle the menace of ISIS because the terror groups has started spreading its tentacles.This way those countries that swear by peace and unity need to support Washington as far as the US war against the ISIS is concerned.A stage has come when groups of disgruntled youth hoist or wave ISIS flags simply to unnerve the Government agencies in those countries or states. A case in support of this contention has been witnessed in Srinagar on a couple of occasions recently. In the incident a couple of masked men waved ISIS flags which sent shivers down the spine of the Government and its agencies,including the security agencies. Yes,the waving of hoisting of ISIS flags in Srinagar was simply a trick played by a couple of disgruntled youth. But neither the security nor the intelligence agencies need to take this incident lightly. Time has come when the troops and the BSF deployed on the LOC and the IB in Jammu and Kashmir have to be on the alert to check ingress of ISIS activists who may have sneaked into Pakistan.Time calls for prevention measures which may ultimately prove better than the curative measures.


Akhter Rasool


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