The way Imam Hussain (AS) showed the importance of Salaat and repenting to God to all Muslims

SHAFAQNA – In the afternoon of Tasua, when Omar ibn Saad with a massive army was heading towards the camp of Imam Hussain (AS) and his family and companions; Imam Hussain (AS) sent his brother Abbas ibn Ali (AS) to them to find out about their intention. They informed Abbas ibn Ali (AS) that they have been sent to fight, and they are ready to attack. When Abbas (AS) gave the news to Imam Hussain (AS), Imam (AS) said: Go to them and if you can delay the war until tomorrow, and make sure they do not attack us tonight, so that we are able to pray, and repent to God, as Allah (SWT) knows that I love Salaat, as well as reciting the holy Quran, and of course repenting to God. After Abbas ibn Ali (AS) asked them to delay the fight until tomorrow, they went to think about it and eventually agreed, and the representative of Omar ibn Saad and Abbas ibn Ali (AS) came to Imam Hussain (AS). The representative of Omar said: We give you time until tomorrow, if you give up, we will take you to Ubaidullah ibn Ziad, and if you do not, we will not let you survive [1, 2].

[1] Beharul  Anwaar, Vol. 44, page 392.

[2] Irshad Mofeed, Vol. 2, Page 90.

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