The way the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) described the Day of Ghadeer/Qadeer Khom


SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: The Day of Qadeer/Ghadeer Khom is the greatest Eid of my Ummah (Islamic nation), and that is the day in which Allah (SWT) ordered me to appoint my brother Ali ibn Abitaleb (AS) as the standard-bearer (and the commander, the leading figure) of my Ummah, in order that after me people are guided by him; and that is the day when Allah (SWT) perfected the religion and completed Divine Favours/blessings on my Ummah, and chose Islam to be their faith [1].

[1] Amaali, Sheikh Sadooq, Page125, Hadith 8.


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