The way the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) described the realities of this world and the hereafter in a comprehensive advice to a desert tribe


SHAFAQNA – Qais ibn Aasim narrated: With a group of (the tribe of) Bani Tameem had the honour of meeting the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). When we arrived, Salsal bin Dalahmas was also present and I said: O’ the Prophet of Allah (SWT), advise us as we are a group of desert people (and we cannot come very often to meet you). The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: O’ Qais, indeed with any dignity there is indignity; and there is death with any life; and there is the hereafter with the world; and everything is taken into account (is dealt with); and everything has its own monitor; and there is a reward for any good deed; and a punishment for any sin; and there is an end to any deadline [1]. In his advice, the Prophet of Islam emphasized that life and death are both equal and parallel realities; now that one can see life, must also see death. Be aware that death is also here, and this is something that the human being feels it late; one must understand that with the life of this world, there is also another life in the hereafter. Every deed/action is observed, recorded and dealt with in the hereafter.

[1] Al-Amali, Sheikh Sadooq, Page 51.


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