Ways to cure cruelty of heart

SHAFAQNA – Most important ways to combat cruelty of the heart that have been recommended by Islamic sources are mentioned below.
1. Repentance to Allah (SWT)
2. Reducing desires of this world
3. Remembering God at all times
4. Payment to charities and visiting poor and needy
5. Socialising with believers
6. Leaving behind sins and not repeating them
7. Stop being argumentative
8. Listen to preaching about religion
9. Seek knowledge from scholars
10. Feeding poor and orphans
11. Recite the holy Quran
12. Think a lot, about creation and life
13. Fast
14. Recite Dua, especially those recommended by infallibles
15. Pray with full attention, for example when performing Salaat, imagine that is the last salaat

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