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Ways to make dying easier

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Ways which can make dying easier are outlined below.

  1. Keeping a good relationship with family members and relatives and visiting them.
  2. Being kind to father and mother.
  3. Help the believing brothers.
  4. Recite Surah Ya-Sin and Al-Safaat for a person who is at the point of death.
  5. To fast one day of the last days of the month of Rajab.
  6. Recite Surah Al-Zelzal in recommended (Mostahab) prayers (Salaat).
  7. Pray the obligatory Salaats on time, without delays and excuses [1].

It is narrated that Fazil ibn Ayaz who was a religious scholar went to visit one of his best students who was dying. Fazil started reciting Surah Ya-Sin, the student asked him not to recite it. Fazil told him: Recite La Elaha elallah but the student refused and died. Fazil was surprised and became sad. After a while Fazil saw his student in sleep whilst he was being taken to hell. Fazil asked him: What did you do? The student replied: 3 things I did; telling tales, jealousy and drinking wine. I had an illness and the doctor advised me to drink a certain amount of wine in a year to save my life and I followed his advice [2].

[1] Manazelol Akherah, Page 15-19.

[2] As above Page 23.

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