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“We are all Muslims” – Michael Moore’s message to Donald Trump


SHAFAQNA – American filmmaker Michael Moore, who is also left wing political and social activist, writes a letter to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump denouncing him on his recent anti-Muslim remarks and his call to “ban all Muslims from coming to the United States”.

Michael Moore who has started a campaign against Trump, says “Trump’s anti-Muslim statements were made in depression and insanity”. Moore also went outside Trump Tower in New York on December 17 and stood there with a placard written “We are all Muslim”.

Moore went on to say that he was raised to believe in equality of people as brothers and sisters, regardless of race, colour and religion. He added that “we are all Muslim, just as we are all Mexican, we are all Catholic and Jewish and white and black and every shade in between.”

Moore who asks Trump to ban him first if he wants to ban Muslims also added, We are all children of God (or nature or whatever you believe in), part of the human family, and nothing you say or do can change that fact.

“If you don’t like living by these American rules, then you need to go to the time-out room in any one of your Towers, sit there, and think about what you’ve said”, he said.

Moore ended his letter with a call for readers to sign a “We Are All Muslim” letter (found on his website) and then post a photo of themselves on social media sites with a sign and a similar hashtag declaration.

Moore’s letter has gone viral on social media and it has garnered massive support with people posting their pictures the placard

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