We are not at war with Islam: Belgian PM

SHAFAQNA – Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel vowed on Sunday that the West will ultimately defeat terrorist group Daesh (the so called IS) as the royal family hosted a ceremony marking two months since the deadly Brussels bombings.

He vowed that Belgium and other countries fighting IS, which claimed the Brussels bombings as well as last November’s attacks in Paris, will eventually prevail.

“This is not a war between the West and Islam. And we will do everything to stop these terrorists. This is a difficult fight. A fight that will take time,” he said, adding: “We will know setbacks and successes.

But I am confident that we will win.” Speaking to an audience of 500 at the royal palace in Brussels, King Philippe thanked the doctors, police and other emergency services who helped on March 22, when 32 people were killed at Brussels Airport and the Maalbeek metro station.

“If we are here in the palace, it is to express the support and gratitude of all the Belgian people,” the monarch said.

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