Welthungerhilfe Charity Organization: Hunger claims lives of 3.1 million kids per year



Hunger caused by conflict and instability leaves around 3.1 million children dead across the globe annually, says the 2015 Global Hunger Index.

“Conflict and hunger are closely connected,” said the report released jointly on Monday by German charity organization Welthungerhilfe, the International Food Policy Research Institute, and Concern Worldwide.

The report also said that nearly 800,000 people suffer from hunger worldwide.

Civil unrest has resulted in “serious” and “alarming” level of hunger in 52 developing countries, the report indicates, adding that instability and violent conflict are the key factors making the Central African Republic and Chad the worst in the list.

“Conflicts such as those in Syria, Iraq and South Sudan are the biggest drivers of starvation,” said Welthungerhilfe President Bärbel Dieckmann, adding that wars around the world have affected lives of around 172 million people.

Dieckmann noted that those who are stuck in war-torn countries suffer most from “severe food insecurity” and are in need of support to restore their lives, adding, “Unless we address the root causes of armed conflict, the progress made in reducing hunger will not last.”

Yemen and Afghanistan are amongst the countries most affected by hunger along with Zambia, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Madagascar, and Niger.

“We need to do more to support these people and to help restore their livelihoods,” she stated.

However, the index shows countries such as Ukraine, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Latvia, Peru, Mongolia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Venezuela and the Kyrgyz Republic managed to significantly reduce the hunger level since 2000.

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