What are the benefits of having good behaviour?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: The one who has good behaviour, God will grant him the position of the one who is fasting and stays up all night (to worship God) [1]. In this regard, Imam Ali (AS) said: The title of the believer’s book (the book of the believer’s deeds on the Day of Judgment) is the good behaviour [2]. It is also narrated from Imam Sadeq (AS) who said: Luqman said to his child: My child, if you do not have anything to help your relatives and brother, at least do not lose your good behaviour, because the one who has good behaviour, good people like him and bad people stay away from him [3]. In another narration, Imam Sadeq (AS) said: If you want to choose a friend, no friend is like good behaviour, because all the friends will leave the human being but good behaviour stays with the human being for ever [4].

[1] Mizanul Hekmah, Vol. 4, Hadith 5009.
[2] As above, Hadith 4994.
[3] AS above, Hadith 5084.
[4] As above.

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