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What are the effects of desires on wisdom?

SHAFAQNA – If wisdom and knowledge are together, a person can reach his aim because according to a narration, the wisdom is described as: The thing which with it, the servitude of God and the paradise can be attained [1]. Of course the wisdom of many people are caught up with their desires (desires that lead one into sin) and even when the wisdom is certain about an issue but due to the dominance of the desires, knowledge is a prisoner and cannot do anything (on its own).
It is like a person who sees poisonous snake or scorpion coming towards him but his hands and legs are tied up and he is not able to move; he has the certainty but no self-possession to do anything. Imam Ali (AS) said: How many wisdom that are the prisoners of dominant desires [2].

[1] Alkafi, Al-Sheikh Kolayni, Vol. 1, page 11.
[2] Sharh Nahjul Balaghah, Ibn Abel Hadeed, Vol. 19, page 31.

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