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What are the effects of entering the Month of God?

SHAFAQNA – You are all invited to God’s feast, you are all the guests of God and this is a party to leave behind (whatever improper). If there is a small amount of inappropriate desire in the human being, such a person has not entered this party, or if he/she has entered has not used its benefits. All the hustle and bustle which you see in the world it is because they have not benefited from God’s feast, and they have not entered the party, and have not accepted God’s invitation. Try to say yes to this invitation, so you are allowed to come in, and if you are in, the problems are solved. If our problems are not solved, it is because we have not entered God’s feast, we have not entered the Month of Ramadhan at all [1].

[1] Sahifeye Imam, Vol. 21, Page 45.

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