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What are the levels of truth?


1. Truth in  intention is the first level where a believer with his/her pure intention joins the rank of those seeking truth and justice. The sign of this level is that nothing can make the believer to break his/her promises or prevent him/her from efforts in the way of seeking truth and justice.

2. The second level is that when a believer knows that the deficiencies are from inner desires and does not want life except for the satisfaction of Allah (SWT).

3. The third level is to find recognition and knowledge about the truth. At this level a believer reaches the level to understand God’s satisfaction regarding his/her actions and deeds, circumstance and time, to know that the Almighty is satisfied with his/her intention and deeds. When such a level is reached then the believer considers all his/her good deeds as favours from Allah (SWT) [1].

[1] Maqamaat Ma’anawi by Mohsen Beena, Vol. 2, Page 60.

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