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What are the practical ways of confronting greed and stinginess?

SHAFAQNA – In one of his advises to Imam Ali (AS), the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: According to my tradition, act upon these three deeds; there are 51 Rokats of Wajib and recommended Salaats per day (in 24 hours); and then three days of fasting in a month; the first Thursday, the last Thursday, and the middle Wednesday; and payment to charity (Sadaqah) as much as you can [1]. The first recommendation of the Prophet (PBUH) is to perform Salaat; Wajib as well as recommended (Mostahab), because recommended Salaat is protection for Wajib Salaat.

The second recommendation is fasting for three days of a month. And the third deed is payment to charity, as much as possible. Of course a human being is attached to his/her wealth and must not exceed in this kind of payments, in order to control the budget of the family. The above recommendations are practical ways to combat a condition which is a mixture of greed and stinginess. Any human being is more or less has this condition; in addition the human being wants to attain material things in life. This can only be cured by paying Sadaqah (paying to charities) in the way of God.

[1] Al-Shafi, Page 829.

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