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What are the special characteristics of very close companions of Imam Mahdi (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Ali (AS) who said: At the start of his re-appearance, Imam Mahdi (AJ) will test his 313 very close companions, and will emphasize to them that if they can put into practice 30 characteristics, he (Imam Mahdi (AJ)) will also observe 8 special characteristics. The examples of the 30 characteristics are: Non-disobedience of my (Imam Mahdi (AJ)) commands; not avoiding of prohibiting bad and enjoining good; avoiding theft, adultery, usury, and Haram deeds; avoid corruption, vice, hoarding wealth and food;  avoid destruction of Mosques, not bearing false witness; avoid bad-mouthing the believers; avoid wearing clothes made of gold and silk; avoid killing unjustly; avoid deceit, oppression, violation even against disbelievers and hypocrites; avoid extravagant life style; etc. But cases where I (Imam Mahdi (AJ)) am obliged to observe: I will not favour other special friends to you; My clothes, food and vehicle will be like you; I will always move with you; in life, I am always happy with less; I will spread the earth with justice. Therefore, we all worship Allah (SWT) the way that is appropriate, and all of us will be faithful to our covenant [1].

[1] Farhange Sokhanaane Hazrat Mahdi (AJ), PP 85-88.

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