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What are the three signs of a prosperous human being according to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Ali (AS) narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: How prosperous is the person who is Muslim, and has normal livelihood and his/her forces are standing up [1]. Imam Ali (AS) commented on the Prophet of Islam’s (PBUH) sentence by saying: How prosperous is the one who has the following three characteristics. Firstly he/she is a Muslim and a believer. Secondly he/she is able to cover or earn the normal life expenses. And thirdly be healthy and his/her forces are in their right places. The above mentioned cases are the least required for a prosperous life [2].

[1] Navader, Rawandi, Page 90.

[2] Amaali, Sheikh Toosi, Page 132.

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