What did God say to Prophet Moses (AS) about Imam Hussain (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – One day a man came to Moses (AS) in a hurry and said: O’ Moses (AS), I have committed a great sin and know that you are going to pray and talk to God, I want you ask God to forgive me. Moses (AS) accepted and whilst praying mentioned that man and asked for his forgiveness. God replied: O’ Moses, any one asks me for forgiveness, will be granted that except the murderer of Hussain (AS). Moses (AS) asked: Who is Hussain (AS)? God replied: He is the same person that you were told about in the Mountain of Tor.

Moses (AS) asked: Who will kill him? God replied: A group of rebellious and cruel people who counted themselves from the Ummah of his grandfather will kill him and his horse whilst neighing will say: Oh’ alas, from a group who kill the child of their own prophet. Then these cruel people will leave his body without any shroud and will rob his family, taking the ladies as prisoners, his helpers will be martyred and all their heads will be on top of arrows whilst moving from one place to another. O’ Moses, the little children will die of thirst and the adults’ skin will burn under the sun. At this time, Moses (AS) started crying and he was told: O’ Moses, know that whoever cries for Imam Hussain (AS) or make others to cry or even pretend to cry, the fire will become Haram to that body [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 44, Page 308.

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