What did Imam Kazim (AS) say about helping oppressors?

SHAFAQNA – Harun Alrasheed who was the ruler of the time, used all the tricks and oppressive ways to prolong his rule. Ziad ibn Abisalameh narrated: I went to see Imam Kazim (AS), Imam (AS) criticised and blamed me for working in Harun’s government. I replied: I have my reputation to think of, I have a family and need to earn for daily expenses, that is why I need to work for Harun’s government. Imam Kazim (AS) said: If I fall from top of a tall building into pieces is better for me than working for them (oppressors), or step on the carpet of one of them (oppressors) [1].

[1] Wasaelul Shia, Vol. 12, Page 140.

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