What did Satan say to Prophet Moses (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – Satan met Prophet Moses (AS) and said: O’ Moses (AS), you are an honourable prophet and I am one of God’s creatures who committed a sin, I want to repent to God, please intercede on my behalf so my repenting is accepted. Prophet Moses (AS) accepted and requested God by saying: O’ God, accept Satan’s repentance. Moses (AS) was addressed: I accepted your request, command Satan to prostrate on the grave of Adam (AS). When Moses (AS) met with Satan mentioned God’s command. Satan became very angry and said arrogantly: O, Moses (AS), I did not prostrate to him (Adam (AS)) when he was alive, you expect me to prostrate to his dead body? Satan then added: O’ Moses (AS), you have a right on me because you interceded to God on my behalf, I tell you to be aware of my strikes in three occasions and whoever is careful about me in these three occasion will be saved.
1. At the time of rage and anger; be careful of me, my soul will be in your heart and my eyes in your eyes and like blood I circulate in all of your body until with the axe of rage to destroy you.
2. At the time of Jihad; I will remind the one who is striving for the sake of God, about his family until I succeed to turn his face from Jihad in the way of God.
3. Fear being alone with a woman who is not Mahram to you because I will intervene to bring them close to each other [1].

[1] Mo’ezeye Khooban, Imam Sadeq (AS) Islamic Research Centre, Page 70.

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