What did Sunni scholars say about the birth of Imam Ali (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – Ibn Sabbaq Maleki who is one of the most famous Sunni scholars wrote: A pure child from a pure generation born in a pure place, who else has seen such a glory? The noblest place of the Haram is Masjidul Haram; the noblest place of the Masjid is Kaaba; no one has been born in Kaaba except Ali (AS). Therefore, the child of Kaaba has the noblest of positions; the child who is born on the best of days (Friday), in the month of peace and purity (Rajab), in the House of Allah (SWT); who else can this be except the Commander of the Faithful, Ali (AS) [1]?

Alosi Al-Baghdadi the author of the famous Tafseer, known as Rohul Maani wrote: The birth of Ali (AS) in Kaaba is witnessed and well known among the nations of the world, and so far no one has reached such noble position [2].

[1] Al-Fosul Al-Mohemmah, Ibn Sabbaq Maleki.

[2] Sharhe Qasideye Abdul Baqi Afandi, page 15.

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