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What did the Prophet Muhammad recommend to Muslims to reflect and to associate with?

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SHAFAQNA – In his book Usul al-Kafi (Vol.2, p. 598), Sheikh al-Kulayni related the following hadeeth concerning the importance of Quran:

Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from his father al-Nawfali from al-Sakuni from abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, who has said the following:

“The Messenger of Allah has said, ‘O people, you live in peacetime during a fast moving journey. You have seen that night, day, sun and moon make every new into old, turn every far near, and bring the time of every promise near at hand. Prepare the means for a long journey.’ The Imam said, ‘Miqdad ibn Aswad then stood up and asked, “O Messenger of Allah, what is the ‘peace time’?” The Messenger of Allah said, “It is the time to complete (the task) and cut off (from this world). When mischief confuses you like a dark night you must hold to the Holy Quran; it is an intercessor (an associate whose association is beneficial) whose intercession will be accepted and a solicitor whose words are believed. Whoever gives it the lead it will take him to paradise.

Whoever leaves it behind, then it will drive him to the fire. It is a guide that shows the best path. It is the book that contains details and explanations, and accomplishments. It is a criterion and not a useless thing. It has face and hidden meanings. Its face meaning is law and its hidden meaning is knowledge. Its face meaning is unique and its hidden meaning is deep. It has stars and upon its stars there are stars. Its wonders do not end and its rare facts do not become old. In it there is the torch of guidance, and the lighthouses of wisdom. It serves as proof of veracity of knowledge (for one who wants to verfy the truth of his Knowledge) and who has come to know the attribute, permit him brighten his eyes to reach the attribute. It saves from destruction, and protects against danger. Thinking is life for the heart of an intelligent person, just as in darkness one finds the way with help from light. Thus, try to achieve the best freedom (from worldly attractions) and make your delays the shortest.’”

قال رسول الله ص: «يا أيها الناس إنكم في دار هدنة، و أنتم على ظهر سفر، و السير بكم سريع، و قد رأيتم الليل و النهار- و الشمس و القمر يبليان كل جديد، و يقربان كل بعيد، و يأتيان بكل موعود، فأعدوا الجهاز لبعد المجاز، قال: فقام المقداد بن الأسود فقال: يا رسول الله و ما دار الهدنة؟ فقال: دار بلاغ و انقطاع، فإذا التبست عليكم الفتن كقطع الليل المظلم، فعليكم بالقرآن فإنه شافع مشفع، و ماحل مصدق، و من جعله أمامه قاده إلى الجنة، و من جعله خلفه ساقه إلى النار، و هو الدليل يدل على خير سبيل، و هو كتاب فيه تفصيل و بيان و تحصيل، و هو الفصل ليس بالهزل، و له ظهر و بطن، فظاهره حكم و باطنه علم، ظاهره أنيق و باطنه عميق، له تخوم و على تخومه تخوم، لا تحصى عجائبه، و لا تبلى غرائبه، فيه مصابيح الهدى، و منار الحكمة، و دليل على المعرفة لمن عرف الصفة، فليجل جال بصره، و ليبلغ الصفة نظره، ينج من عطب، و يخلص من نشب، فإن التفكر حيوة قلب البصير، كما يمشي المستنير في الظلمات، فعليكم بحسن التخلص، و قلة التربص.

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