What did the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) say about Salaat?

SHAFAQNA – Replying to a question about Salaat, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: Salaat is one of the traditions of religion and causes God’s satisfaction as well as the clear way of the prophets. A person who performs Salaat enjoys the love of angels, guidance, belief, light of knowledge, sustenance and comfort of the body.

Salaat causes dissatisfaction of Satan, is a weapon for the unbeliever’s tongue, is a cause of acceptance of Duas and deeds and a believer’s provisions from this world for the hereafter. Salaat is an intercessor between the one who performs it and the angel of death, a companion in the grave, a bed under the side and an answer for angels who ask questions in the grave.

On the Day of Judgment, a person’s Salaat will be a crown on the head, a light on the face, a cover for the body, a shield between the person and the fire, a proof between the person and God and is a cause of saving body from the fire. Salaat is a tool for crossing the bridge (in the hereafter), a key to paradise, a dowary for Houris and the price for paradise. A human will reach the highest rank by Salaat because Salaat is praising God, glorifying the Almighty, worshipping Allah (SWT), Dua and speaking to the Creator [1].

[1] Mostadrakul Wasael, Vol. 1, page 180.

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