What does disowning a child mean? The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi answered a question about disowning a child by parents.

Question: Please explain disowning by parents. The father says to his daughter that he does not want her to stay out of the house after Maghrib and Isha Prayers, or walk to such a person, or having a mobile, or wearing short cut or figure hugging clothes; but the daughter does not obey, is the daughter disowned?

The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi: A disowned person is the one who behaves badly towards parents, in a way that it is clear that their (parents) good deeds have not been appreciated, and if the mentioned daughter bothers her father with her actions, or disagrees with cases which are within the guardianship of the father, has committed Haram.


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