What does Eidul Fitr mean to Muslims and non-Muslims

SHAFAQNA – Huffington Post editors around the world asked what Eidul Fitr meant to Muslims and non-Muslims using hashtag #MyEid2015.

“It’s a time for reflection and starting fresh. Its a time to rejoice with family and friends. But also remembering those who dont have enough. Its a time to count our blessings while also giving charity to those who don’t only fast for the month, but they must fast for the whole year not by choice but bcoz they r not as blessed as others. Fasting teaches us empathy for those.” — Umm Maria, Facebook

“It gives us the opportunity to get closer to God in various recent works of charity to the poor and by doing prayers imposed and enacted.” — Yasser EdenPark, Facebook

“It is ime to tell Muslims we love and respect their peaceful religion, essential these days.”Leo Chabot, Facebook

“Celebration of victory, forgiveness with people surrounding, glorious food, happiness and a beautiful time to look and feel great.” – rc55, Instagram

“A moment of sharing with my Muslim friends and neighbors! Enjoy your celebration, and thanks for your help and generosity throughout the year. I love living among you!” — Claire Andco, Facebook

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