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What is connection between arrogance and hypocrisy?

SHAFAQNA – You see the person who if it is night time and everywhere quiet, is ready to buy bread and take it home, (or) when traveling to a place where no one knows him, is ready to put the suitcase on his back and run. These are the issues our souls deal with. This (type) of person must know that he is not arrogant, but do you know what is the problem? He has another illness which is called hypocrisy, he is a hypocrite. Such a person must cure his hypocrisy, but has no illness of arrogance, and must go after curing his illness of hypocrisy [1].

[1] Akhlaq-e-Rabbani, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, No. &, Page 88.

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