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What is disease of the heart?

SHAFAQNA – The believer should beware that sins and impurities make the human being unprepared for accepting the truth. Those whose hearts are diseased (through committing sins against God), are the type of sick persons whom God will add to their illness at all the times (as mentioned in Ayah 10 of Surah Al-Baqarah). Because the same rule which exists in the human’s body, is also present in the human’s soul. It is like a person who has an illness in his/her body and visits a doctor, but out of obstinacy does not follow doctor’s instructions and treat the doctor hypocritically; meaning does not take the medicine but says to the doctor that he/she has taken the medicine which reluctantly adds to the illness. Allah (SWT) prepared this world for any kind of cultivation; it depends on the type of seed the human being sows [1].

[1] Majmo’eh Athaar, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari, Vol. 25, page 205.

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