What is fairness?

SHAFAQNA – Fairness and being fair is a strange issue. When the human being faces a rival, for example a physician faces another one. An experienced and famous physician expresses his/her opinion about an illness, and another young physician who is not famous comes along, and he also expresses his/her opinion about the same illness. When people who are gathered there, see that there are two different opposing opinions about the same illness, never accept the opinion of the young physician. But the experienced physician realizes that the opinion of his young colleague is correct, and he is the first one who will understand the young physician is right. In this case, the experienced physician sees himself/herself facing two situations; should he/she forget all that fame and admit that the young colleague is right, and say: The young physician understands better than me, and the prescription which I have issued is wrong? This is called fairness…!

Source: Falsafeye Akhlaq, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Page 126.

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