What is futile regret?

SHAFAQNA – However long you live in this world, but the end is death. It is said to him do not enter this alley, it is dead end, but the stubborn goes, it is also dark, his forehead hits the wall. The world is also a cul-de-sac, at the end our foreheads hit the gravestone, and then suddenly we start to be regretful. We say: God, return us to the world, we made a mistake, from now on we will do good deeds. It will be said: Be quiet, if you return to the world, you will be the same person, you will not be reformed. Then you say: Return me to the world, I will become a good person. It will be said: You carried many corpses, buried your friends, you could have imagined you were dead. When you want to bury a corpse, think it is you, and you have been reborn, you have come back to the world. Do we make our deeds good [1]?

[1] Sokhanane Ayatollah Mojtahedi Tehrani, Moezeyeh Khoban, Page 141.

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