What is it like to commit or think about sins?

SHAFAQNA – A young student asked great Shia scholar Moqaddas Ardabili (RA): Do you commit sins? Moqaddas (RA) replied: My child; all human beings are prone to mistakes. The student asked again: I know about human beings, I meant you, do you commit sins? Moqaddas (RA) replied whilst smiling: Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest), now that you insist, I must say no; I do not commit sins. The student asked: Don’t you even think about sins? Moqaddas (RA) replied: No my dear, I do not even think about sins. The young student who was very surprised asked: Is this possible? Moqaddas (RA) replied: Yes, it is possible, if you do not accept this, I will ask you a question, give me the right answer. Do you eat dirty things? The young student who thought he was insulted, his face changed colour and replied: No master, what kind of question is this? Moqaddas (RA) asked again: Do you think of eating dirty things? The student replied: No. Moqaddas Ardabili (RA) said: To me, committing sin is like eating dirty things, even worse than that [1].

[1] Ibrat’ha dar Ayeneye Daastanha, Ahmad Dehqan, Qom, First Edition, Published in 2000, Page 60.

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