What is Satan trying to do?

SHAFAQNA – To achieve its aims, Satan is trying to deceive people to be neglectful and forget remembering Allah (SWT) and hence stopping them to improve their intellect and wisdom. It is mentioned in the holy Quran that Mosques are places for remembering Allah (SWT) and those who try to destroy Mosques are sinners and will be punished by the Almighty and these people are agents of Satan. Currently we are witnessing destruction of many Mosques from the time of the beginning of Islam by Takfiris and their agents. The Prophet of Islam PBUH) said: The one who has no wisdom, has no religion [1], in another words, those who do not remember Allah (SWT), have no religion.

[1] Beharul Anwaar by Allamah Majlesi, prined 1403 AH, Vol. 1, page 94.

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