What is the best way of eradicating the poison of sins?

SHAFAQNA – Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Bahari wrote: The one who has taken poison and wants to be saved, must act immediately and get rid of poison from his body, and if he is careless in this situation, he will be destroyed. The poison of sins is the same, because with carelessness in repenting, it is possible for the human being to die in unpleasant situation. The worst fear of the Divine Prophets and Apostles was the bad ending to life. Therefore, O’ brothers of the truth and friends of the true path, hurry, hurry towards pure and clean repentance before the poison of the sins becomes effective [1].

[1] Tazkeratul Mottaqeen fi Adabel Soluke, Ayatollah Mohammad Bahari Hamedani, Page 43.

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