What is the connection between creation and justice?

SHAFAQNA – The order of creation (existence) is based on the axis of justice and there is no oppression or deviation in Divine Creation by Allah (SWT). According to holy verses of the Quran for example, in a part of Ayah 25 of Surah Al-Hadeed, Allah (SWT) said: “God sent messengers with explanations, and sent the Book (the Quran), and the balance down with them, so that mankind conduct themselves with justice.”

In the above holy verse, justice means placing everything in its rightful place which in fact is the same as the just position of that thing. Because placing everything in its suitable place is the same as everything to be placed in its right (just) place. Therefore, if mankind is assigned to rise up for justice, it means that everything must be placed in its right and suitable place by them and must not oppress each other.

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