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What is the connection between materialism and belief?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Baqir (AS) who said: The believer is the one who when he/she is happy, this happiness does not lead him/her into false action and a sin. Yes, the believer is the one who when his/her circumstances becomes good in terms of the material things of this world, this change does not lead him/her to fall into false or sinful acts. As long as he/she did not have money and (the material things of this world), he/she was religious and pious, until he/she had not reached a high position in society, was very disciplined in religion; but when he/she became rich, or reached a high position, inappropriate desires come to him/her, then what happens? He/she will start false actions and sinful deeds [1].

[1] Akhlaq-e-Rabbani, Ayatollah Mojtaba Tehrani (RA), Page 214.

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