What is the connection between Taharah and Divine Sustenance?

SHAFAQNA -A person went to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and complained about poverty and having no money and said: O’ the Messenger of Allah (SWT); I have nothing. The Prophet (PBUH) told him: Always have Wudhu and Taharah (cleanliness; purification; purity) so that your sustenance is increased [1]. This is not a contract, but it is a real equation; meaning that the universe is in a way that when you have Wudhu at all the times, you have an external Taharah which has an internal Taharah following it. The elements of the universe will be directed towards the increase of your sustenance. The way of Taharah is worship. Allah (SWT) has placed Salaat, fasting, and other religious laws for purification (Taharah) of the human being; for external and internal purification. The person who performs Salaat will not have external uncleanliness; his clothes are not unclean and they have not been taken unlawfully, his hands and eyes are not unclean either. All religious laws are in the same way. Imam (Khomeini (RA)) used to say, the Hadith which says brushing teeth before Salaat multiplies the rewards by seventy times, it is not just for whitening the teeth; this recommended decree is for accomplishment of the soul and all the religious laws are for this purpose [2].

[1] Mostadrakul wasael, Vol. 3, page 421.

[2] The official channel of Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Ameli; https://telegram.me/seyed_hasan_ameli

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