What is the connection between the control of the soul and prosperity?

SHAFAQNA – The believer must know that the seed of all prosperity is the control of the soul. Control means supervising the soul, the child does not need as much attention as the soul [1]. One of the most important aspect of this supervision is the control of the mouth. If the piece of bread that is placed in the mouth is not appropriate, it (the mouth) becomes corrupt and the human being becomes corrupt.

Why should you fill your existence and soul with these falsehoods? One of the promises of the head Sheikh in his book of treaties is that to avoid reading useless stories and novels. The false words and myths of the tongue cause the mind crooked and divert the soul from thinking right and finding the right way [2].

[1] Jorehaye Janbakhsh, G. Goli Zavareh, page 153.
[2] Majmoeh Maqalat, Ayatollah Hassanzadeh Amoli, page 36.
[3] Martyr Motahhari Book Collection, Vol. 22, Page 720.

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