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What is the connection between too much wealth and cruelty of the heart?

SHAFAQNA – When the human being is focused on worldly life, his/her heart, soul, and wishes are centered on the life of this world. Naturally, his/her activities are in that direction, and the life of this world normally is not more than an animal process. Imam Ali (AS) in the book of Mostadrakul Wasa’el said: “the thing which leads the heart to cruelty is too much wealth”; unless spiritual dimensions are added to it (wealth), and the life in this world is not considered more than it is, rather it is a tool for reaching to spiritual affairs, and pass the materialism towards spiritualism [1].

[1] Akhlaq-e-Rabbani, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani (RA), Vol.8, Page 182.

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