What is the first effect of wisdom?

SHAFAQNA – The wisdom has various effects and the first effect is devotion to God. Sometimes you see a person who has the highest academic qualifications but when you see his/her life, you can see that such person is not familiar with good and bad of his/her life which his/her wisdom must have distinguished. Those who are after lavish life and brief enjoyments have easily traded their hereafter and humanity. All of these show that the wisdom is redundant. Some say: If you want to have a great party, it must have drugs and wine, it must be mixed (men and women), otherwise it is a party of poor people. These are all signs of childish attitude. A Persian poem says: All my advice to you is that; you are a child and the house is colourful [1].

[1] Official Channel of Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Ameli (https://telegram.me/seyed_hasan_ameli)

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