What is the important lesson from the end of life of Hazrat Dawood (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – Hazrat Dawood (AS) had a housemaid who every night used to lock all the doors of the house, and bring the keys to Hazrat Dawood (AS). One night, Hazrat Dawood (AS) saw a man in the house and asked him: Who allowed you in the house? He replied: I am the one who enters without asking for kings’ permissions. When Dawood (AS) heard his words, asked him: Are you Izrael (the Angel of Death)? Why you have not sent me a message so that I get ready for death? Izrael replied: I have already sent you many messages. Dawood (AS) said: Who brought those messages to me? Izrael replied: Where have your father, brother, neighbours and relations gone? Dawood (AS) said: They are all dead. Izrael said: They were my messengers to you, saying you will also die, as they have died. Then Izrael seized the life of Dawood (AS) [1].

[1] Kamel, Ibn Atheer, Vol. 1, page 76.

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