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What is the legacy of fasting?

SHAFAQNA – In the Meraj Hadith (narration) it is mentioned that God said: O’ Ahmad, do you know what is the legacy of fasting? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: No. God said: The legacy of fasting is to eat less and speak less. Then added: Silence leads to wisdom (Hekmah), and wisdom to knowledge/insight (Ma’arafah), and insight causes certainty (Yaqeen), and when the servant of God reaches the rank of certainty, has no fear how he/she gets along during the lifetime; with difficulty or easily, no difference for him/her, and this is the status of the satisfied ones. And whoever acts for God’s satisfactions, his/her status is the character of the companion: First, thanksgiving (Shokr) which is not contaminated with ignorance. Second: Praise (of God) without forgetfulness, and third: Does not prefer the friendship of others to friendship of God [1].

[1] Al-Moraqibaat, Ayatollah Mirza Jawad Maleki Tabrizi (RA), Page 261.

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