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What is the main point of Ayahs 54-55 of Surah Al-Qasas?

SHAFAQNA – Ayahs 54 and 55 of Surah Al-Qasas say: “Twice will they be given their rewards, for that they have persevered, and that they avert evil with good and that they spend in charity out of what God has given them. And whenever they hear vain talks, they turn away therefrom and say: Peace be upon you, we hold to our actions while you have your actions, we seek not the ignorant.”

There are different types of patience, and one of the most important one is being patient against ignorant behaviour. The believer behaves courteously, and not only ignores bad language and behaviour of the ignorant ones, but by saying Salaam (peace be upon you) and also showing good manners tries to pass by the situation.

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