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What is the purpose of Dua?

SHAFAQNA – These Duas which are recommended for each month, or each day, especially in The Month of Rajab, the Month of Sha’abaan, and the Month of Ramadhan, they strengthen human beings spiritually, and also open the way for them and they are like spotlights to take the human beings out of the darkness and into light which is a miracle. Pay attention to these Duas, and do not be deceived by some writers who (are trying) to weaken Duas. This weakening is the weakening of Islam, they do not understand, they are not aware what are in these books (of Duas). (They contain) the same issues as the Quran (but) in another language which is the language of Imams (AS) [1].

[1] Sahifeye Imam, Vol. 13, Page32.

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