What kind of divine blessings exist in the heaven?

SHAFAQNA – The all knowing, powerful God has described the heaven and its blessings in the holy Quran by mentioning words such as garden, flowing river, fruit trees and similar phrases. But this does not mean that whatever exists in the paradise is exactly the same as the worldly blessings; in fact they are much better and superior.
In Ayah 17 of Surah Al-Sajdah, Allah (SWT) says: “Now, no one knows what blessings that are the delights of the eye are hidden (in reserve) for them, as rewards for their good deeds.” The word hidden in this Ayah means that the blessings are hidden from their senses; because those blessings are above the knowledge and imaginations of the human beings [1].

[1] Almeezan, Vol. F, Page 16395.

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