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What must the human being do to be saved from Satan?

SHAFAQNA – If the human being does not request help from God in difficulties and incidents which occur during the lifetime of a person, and does not seek refuge in God; Satan will shelter such a person and will take him/her to ways which Satan wants. This is a general rule: Between Merciful and Satan, one must be chosen. If you do not seek refuge in God, Satan will shelter you without you requesting for that; Satan will take you without any request from you. There is no need to ask Satan to be misled, rather without your request, Satan will come to you and act on satanic ways. The holy Quran says: If a person does not point out (to God; seek refuge in God), Satan voluntarily will come to that person and does not leave him/her. Therefore, must seek help form Allah (SWT) for salvation [1].

[1] Bar Resiye Hokomate Aql dar Masa’ele Tarbiyati, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani (RA), Pasdare Islam, No. 433, Page 5.

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