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What were the most worrying characteristics of Ummah for the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)?

SHAFAQNA – Sheikh Sadooq (RA) in the book of Khisal narrated from Jaber ibn Abdullah Ansari (RA) who said: Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: Indeed the most frightening things which worry me about my Ummah (Islamic nation) are: Following false desires (of the soul, ego) and having the far reaching wishes. The (false) desires of the soul prevents the human being from reaching the truth, and the far reaching wishes makes the human being to forget about the hereafter. And truly this world has turned and moves away and it is the hereafter which faces us and comes, and each one has its children and followers. If you can be among the children of the hereafter, and avoid being among the children of this world; do so. Because truly, you are alive today, and in the house, and the place of work and there is no evaluation (assessment, judgement) of your deeds, but tomorrow (when you pass away), you are in a place of evaluation of your deeds and nothing can be done [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 77, Page 117.

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